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WYP & NPT is the Right Way to be Informed

The world is a big place even if we don’t get to appreciate the full extension of it outside the bubble we build for ourselves to live our lives with some comfort. There are currently 7 billion people living on the planet, and almost 200,000 are born each day. Previously regarded as a novelty until only 15 years ago, the internet was considered a luxury for many. These days, the internet is the preferred form of communication of our species. Social law demands that the technology firms create the means to keep up with the ever-increasing need of humans to get a hold of information at every moment.

More Smart devices are being sold a day than babies born. Even with just 30% of the world population having access to internet nearly 5 billion minutes are spent on social media each day, almost 294 million emails are being every 24 hours, and 2 million blog posts are written across the world. Over a billion newspapers are still sold each day in the world, but the range of action of news services demand these agencies be able to offer stories from the occurrences happening across the globe and put them all in one place. That’s why News websites like WYP & NPT exist. Every new outlet has adapted to give the public an objective view of the most relevant news happening all over the world regardless of the topic. 

But who is Approaching Online News Services?

Most online news outlets are avoided by young generations (often referred to as millennials). While many of them don’t take a great deal of interest in the world’s current affairs, most of them prefer to get their news on social networks by following the outlets that offer news akin to their interest. At WYP & NPT we understand that this reason alone makes online news services a target for older generations (most of them boomers). News websites are often useful for people who travel a lot since most of them don’t have the time to buy a newspaper or watch the news on a TV set. It turns out most of the websites like WYP & NPT are really convenient if they need to quickly browse through news of their current location and get some insight into the state of the world.

Why are Online News Services Effective?

The market research of WYP & NPT could list a lot of reasons to approach the main website of your preferred news outlet, but let’s go with the practical facts that can help you make up your mind. Some of these are:

  • Your Choice of Media: Take a quick glimpse to websites such as CNN, ABC of FOX. They all have a single thing in common when it comes to new: you can choose to read, hear or watch any of the notes since most of them are presented in multiple formats such as a blog post, a video clip or a podcast. This is pretty useful if you think about it since many make up their minds about the way they want to check their news and avoid wasting time scrolling pass anything that is not on their interests. WYP & NPT is no different.
  • The World is Yours: You can get a glimpse of the world and everything that is happening on it after scrolling your preferred news website for a few minutes. You will find news from every corner of the globe, and you will be able to access them from a single place without the need to visit websites to get news from different countries.
  • It’s free, To Some Extent: Big communicational chains offer the information the way they deliver them in their TV channels and use their websites to provide complementary information or to expand on reports of an ongoing occurrence. Small papers which have gone digital probably charge a small fee to keep you informed.
  • You Get Instant Access to their Archives: When you visit a news website such as WYP & NPT you can check the news of the day and any story that occurred in their archives using the search engine. There is also the convenience that there is no limit to how many articles you can read. With printed newspapers, you can only read the reports of the day, and that’s it. 
  • You Get interactive Features: With most news online services you can interactively experience articles. Complex reports about legal cases can be complemented with embedded videos. A reported accident can be updated by keeping track of the death toll or the type of injuries suffered by the survivors. Attorneys or representatives of any firm can offer their OP/ED in articles with additional text and pictures. 
  • Is Cost Effective: Visiting your preferred news website will always be more economical than going out to buy a paper. The basics to report news are still needed:  a journalist and some form of research or investigation to back up facts. But now a website is the way for the journalist to get his point across. By comparison, newspapers have become impractical because they use too many resources: paper, ink, printers, and distributors on top of the cost of the investigation. 

The Problems with Online News Services

There are quite a few Challenges that need to be addressed by the free press online. The first of them seems to be the lack of objectivity of most news outlets these days, with each one offering a version of the story in different terms that follow the editorial l line of the agency. Never has society experience such a division as it’s noticed by the number of people following certain agencies just because they cater news to his political views.

Since online new agencies are essentially killing printed media, a lot of jobs are being lost in the process, especially when someone younger is eager to do the job at half the price. The rest of the problems are centered on how to deal with all the technicalities that come from having a website: too much traffic crashes a site, keeping it updated is also a 24/7 job that requires something creating filler content that is not helpful for the main users of the website.