A Few Tips to Create Good features for Magazine-Styled Blogs

It was not so long that printed had a lot of power over the opinions of people around the world. Those days seem very distant now with online blogs overtaking the preferences of people as sources of information. Some of the most powerful news sites in 2018 are blogs that are run as digital publications.

The trend has proven to be so successful that major print brands are running their own takes on this form of publication by taking away the flashy elements of a website, choosing to go with streamlined designs that are easily accessible to their readers. Most of these blogs are considered a digital magazine, a specialized outlet that allows the management of information in a much more specialized way. A great example of a lawyer blog for attorneys can be found on Philadelphia Injury Lawyers website here.

In WYP & NPT we stand behind every new trend that proves to be successful into bringing a communicational option to the masses. A blog with a magazine layout obviously sounds like a great idea, but many people don’t know the essentials on how to do it. We share a few tips on how to go about it so you can get started if you are building your own site. Try to follow these steps to the letter:

Build Your Brand Image

Nothing established dominance and authority on a marketplace like strong branding. Take a moment to see a few examples online on longstanding publications that have made a partial transition to websites. Popular Mechanics and National Geographic are some of the finest examples out there. Both magazines proved to be insanely popular for almost 30 years, and their brand names sell their presence online while they keep offering the same quality content of their printed editions.

Sometimes they go beyond that and offer content that is not found

anywhere else but their websites. While you may still be a small player, you can start with the right footing by creating a reliable brand that shows your focus and establishes your presence in your targeted audience.

Make sure to Write Some Enticing Headlines

One of the things most websites struggle is the way to stand out as unique with compelling headlines. While the design of the font plays a significant role on the way to get the attention of your readers, the style of redaction is the one doing the entire job for you. Take a moment to check out Vice. This is probably one of the most controversy-driven websites on the Internet because of their choice of headlines on social media.

The level of engagement they have however have run down their presence to a running joke on sites like Facebook where users often comment about the ridiculousness of the topics they engage in the open. The style of a headline doesn’t have a trade secret, but it sure should look and feel in a way that represents your site. Is best to go with crisp typography and writing that suits the style of your content.

Make your Featured Posts Stand out with Attractive Widgets

Magazine-style homepages look different across the Internet. They all post various forms of thumbnails, or use customized formats, and featured widgets to grab the attention of the reader. Widgets are also the hot spot of the website, where you can promote the latest posts that should be getting the most attention. The carousel-type slider usually rotates four or five stories at once, and each story loads a bit snippet on the side that offers a preview of the content found inside.

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