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WYP & NPT is the Right Way to be Informed

The world is a big place even if we don’t get to appreciate the full extension of it outside the bubble we build for ourselves to live our lives with some comfort. There are currently 7 billion people living on the planet, and almost 200,000 are born each day. Previously regarded as a novelty until only 15 years ago, the internet was considered a luxury for many. These days, the internet is the preferred form of communication of our species. Social law demands that the technology firms create the means to keep up with the ever-increasing need of humans to get a hold of information at every moment.

More Smart devices are being sold a day than babies born. Even with just 30% of the world population having access to internet nearly 5 billion minutes are spent on social media each day, almost 294 million emails are being every 24 hours, and 2 million blog posts are written across the world. Over a billion newspapers are still sold each day in the world, but the range of action of news services demand these agencies be able to offer stories from the occurrences happening across the globe and put them all in one place. That’s why News websites like WYP & NPT exist. Every new outlet has adapted to give the public an objective view of the most relevant news happening all over the world regardless of the topic. 

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